Favorite warm items while backpacking
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3 Items That Kept Me Warm On Our Backpacking Trip

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I am ALWAYS cold. My house is set to 70*F and I am always layered up, PLUS, I always have a blanket on me. Here are the 3 things that saved me this chilly 35*F morning:

Mountain Hard Wear Gen 1 Ghost Whisperer: Not Available in stores, however, can be found on sites like Ebay & Mercari – The only reason I chose this one was because it was red and I was wearing black leggings and didn’t feel like I should be running around, especially in the evening, in all black. I had Jayson wear the Black Mountain Hard Wear Ghost Whisperer Ultra Light 1000. Both REI and Back Country are having sales on their Mountain Hardwear gear. Check REI’s sale out HERE and Back Country’s Up to 30% off sale HERE

Baffin Down Booties: These can be found on many sites.
Amazon: $34.96+ HERE
Back Country: 30% off for $38.50 HERE
REI Garage Sale: $18.50 HERE

Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt:
We have the 20*F/6*C quilt and it’s a whopping 23.61 ounces.
You can order it with different temperature requirements, and two different down fills, along with wide/regular and short/long options. It comes with a hefty price tag, but it is so worth it! See it HERE. If it goes on sale, I will be post to my Instagram Stories, so be sure to follow me over THERE

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