About Me

I’m just a stay at home mom originally from south KCK, who moved to a tiny town in the middle of no where MO. I’m still adapting to small town life, even after 8 years 3 pigs, dozens of chickens, and 1 turkey. With popular health food stores and big time gymnasiums over an hour away, I’ve found a way to eat clean and work out, without any hassle. I thought I would share it all here.

Currently, I stay home with our son, Jaryd, who turns 2 this year. Outside of mommy life, I do hold a license as a Practical Nurse and Group Fitness Instructors Certificate, on top of a College Degree (that I’ve never put to use LOL).

My focus on diet and exercise came around when our daughter, Ally, was born. She was born with a condition called VACTERLS or VATER, and a healthy diet is key to keeping her away from doctors offices.

Along with my boyfriend, Jayson, we operate an amateur mixed martial arts sanctioning body, Spire Sanctioning Alliance, and travel throughout Missouri regulating amateur MMA events. He also works full time as an Applications Engineer in the Semi Conductor industry.

I have spent the last few years trying to understand what it is about clean eating that is so difficult. After consulting with many, and realizing the same questions and complaints kept coming up, I decided to answer the questions and address the complaints with an eBook that is still in the works. I hope the information on this site, and eventually my eBook, will make it easier for people to understand how to eat a balanced diet, and see that there are other methods aside from a gym membership for working out!

Mothers Day Picture

Photo Credit: TG Photography