Clean Eating,  Meal Prep

Chicken and Rice Bowl

Such an easy, clean meal! AND there’s always plenty left over for one, if not two more meals! Meals ready to eat = perfection!!

1lb Lean Ground Chicken
2 Small Zucchini
1 Small Yellow Onion
Brown Rice
Garlic Powder
Pink Salt
Ground Pepper

1. Spray your cooking pan with nonstick spray and add your ground chicken. Sprinkle on some pink salt and pepper.

2. Make your brown rice mixture. I used 1C of brown rice and 1C of water. Follow the packaged directions.

3. Chop your veggies, and add them to 1T of heated EVOO. Sprinkle on pink salt, garlic powder, and ground pepper.

Clean Zuchinni and Onion

4. After each dish is cooked, combine what you want into your bowl and enjoy!

For my macros, I stick to a pretty basic and easy measurement for every meal. My bowl has 1/2c of brown rice, 1c veggie mix, and 4oz ground chicken.

I like ground chicken because it doesn’t seem to dry out like ground turkey. Yes, the 99% fat free ground turkey is much better than the 92/8 ground chicken, but I’m not in any kind of prep, so I’m not getting crazy strict!

You could add some salsa or any other topping too! Salsa is one of my go to to add some flavor or change up a meal ?

Clean Chicken and Rice Bowl


Macros 370Cal/F14.7/C33.2/P26.8