Easy Oven Baked Pollock & Air Fryer Veggies

For the longest time, I always just ate Tilapia because it had great macros and was cheap! I prefer Salmon or Tuna, but my checkbook didnt like that I wanted to make it often.

We live in the middle of nowhere Missouri. Many don’t agree with me on that, but, when you come from Kansas City to a town of now, 4,100, its the middle of nowhere. Stores here are limited. We have basic fast food like McDonald’s, Burger King & Subway. Luckily, a few mom and pop restaurants too! But we only have 1 grocery store. Meaning, there isn’t a whole lot of competition for them, so their prices are usually a bit higher than say, Walmart. But, if I want to go to Walmart for cheaper prices and more variety, that’s a 45 min drive I’m not often willing to make!

These Pollock Fillets (Sea Best brand) come in a bag of 4-5 fillets, equaling about 16oz. I know, that’s how all the frozen fish tend to come, right? Well, this is under $4 a bag!

For a 4 oz serving, you’re looking at 22p/0/c/1f. I usually do 2-3 fillets for a serving for myself. 6-8oz seems to be the right amount to fill me up! With such a cheap price and good macros, its no big deal doubling the portion!

Anyways, here’s the info for the super easy Pollock & Veggies:


2 Pollock Fillets (ended up being 6.75oz)
0 Cal Spray Butter (you can use any kind! I just wanted to save some fat macros)
30g Sour Cream
5g Grated Parmesan
7g Shredded Cheese
Salt & Pepper
135g Zucchini
175g Sweet Potatoes

(If you want more or less of anything, do it! If you’re tracking macros, just be sure to input the correct amounts.)

(Also, if you are not a fan of Sweet Potatoes, try these creamy mashed red potatoes from my Meatloaf meal yesterday!)

Preheat oven to 350*. Place the thawed Pollock Fillets in a baking dish. Spray the fillets with 0 cal butter, and sprinkle with Salt & Pepper. Mix Sour Cream and Grated Parmesan in a bowl, then spread evenly on top of each fillet. Bake for 20-30 minutes, depending on your oven. My top oven is a convection oven and cooks much faster than my bottom oven.

While the fillets are baking, slice your Zucchini into spears and place them in your Air Fryer or on a baking sheet. Slice your Sweet Potatoes into fries. I use a Mandolin very similar to THIS when I make fries. I actually got mine at Goodwill. It was brand new and $6. I think it’s time for an upgrade though, and I’ve been eyeing THIS ONE. After slicing, add them to the same Fryer or Baking sheet as the Zucchini.

Spray the veggies down with either EVOO spray or 0 cal butter. On my Zucchini, I like Garlic Salt & Pepper, with a tiny bit of Lowery’s Seasoning Salt. If salt is a problem for your health, use Garlic Powder instead. Kernels (yes, the popcorn topping) has a really good Garlic Parmesan that’s good on these too!

For the Sweet Potatoes, it really depends on my mood. Some days, I just want Lowery’s seasoning salt and pepper. Other days, I’ll add paprika. DANG IT!! I just realized forgot to add chili powder to mine today!! Garlic powder, Lowrey’s, Onion Powder, and Pepper. A little Cayenne is good too, sometimes!

For the Air Fyer time and temp, I just use the present numbers on mine when I turn it on. 370* and 15 min. About halfway through, I mix them up and add more EVOO or Butter, and seasonings. There were 2-3 Minutes left on the timer when I pulled them out for good.

My fish was done just as I was plating the vegetables! I drained the baking dish just a bit, and sprinkled on some shredded cheese, then placed it in the oven just long enough to melt the cheese. Seriously, one of the fastest and easiest meals to make. I even got a headstart on the dishes while everything was baking/frying!

Total Macros: 403 Calories 40p/40c/8f

Unless you use the EXACT SAME ingredients as I did, your macros will vary slightly.

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