High School football has started, and finding an empty track most days has been a challenge! My staple track workout is: • completing a bleacher workout with stair sprints, dips, stair squat jumps, & pushups
• using the straights on the tracks for lunges, sprints & shuffles

And after all that, my challenge has been to complete As many of these as possible. Start in a narrow squat with weights (mine are just 15s) on the floor to your sides. grab the weights off the floor and come up from your squat and move into an Overhead press. Burpee down, do a push-up, and back to squat. Repeat. 😈

My first time doing these, I got 6 with no struggles or breaks. Currently, my best is 16. I always try to get one more than the last….it doesn’t always happen 🤢😂

Thankfully, something that hasn’t been a struggle to find these days are two of my favorite workout necessities! My @IdealFit Peach Lemonade BCAAs & Lemon Lime PreWorkout!

BCAAs are perfect for:
* Reducing Muscle Soreness
* Helping You Build Lean Muscle
* Letting You Recover Faster
* Keeping Your Body Hydrated

PreWorkout is best for:
* Clean Energy & Focus
* Specially Formulated Fat-Loss Blend
* Improved Endurance & Intra-Workout Pump
* Enhanced Workout Experience

Both of these are always in my workout bag! If it’s after 3pm, I’ll use pre workout from the stimulant free line so I’m not up all night 😩

Tank: #idealfit open back vest tank in black – Size Medium
Leggings: Full Length Core in Berry – Size Small

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