Macro Consulting

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It’s been proven over and over again that fat loss comes down to eating in a caloric deficit (less calories than what your body recommends to maintain its current state) and calories in vs calories out (the amount of food/energy coming in vs the amount of energy you’re expending).

Eating in a true deficit means you need to know how much food you are actually consuming. Every bite and sip. The only way to accurately hit your deficit number is by tracking your foods/drinks. Tracking food can be tricky, overwhelming, and sometimes even a nuisance.  You must weigh, measure, and pay attention to nutrition information on EVERYTHING.

Sounds tasking, right? I’ve been tracking macros for quite sometime now with wonderful results. I would love to help you learn how to track your numbers to help you get smash your fat loss goals!


Let me help you:

♦ Understand what Macros are and why you need them
♦ Find a tracking method best suited for you (old school on paper, tracking app on your phone/laptop)
♦ Figure out how to use your tracking method
♦ Understand how to track food you didnt prepare (eating at a restaurant or family/friend get togethers)
♦ Learn how to put together a meal for yourself or for your family, and still meet your numbers
♦ Enjoy all the foods you want, and how to lose weight doing so
♦ Figure out the tips and tricks to help you plan, prep and track your meals


Program options in the works:

♦ Personal Macro Configuration
♦ 1 Hour Macro Consultation covering all the above topics (Private or Group)
♦ Sample Meal Plans
♦ Weekly check-ins to see how your doing
and more to come….

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***I am not a licensed Dietitian or Nutritionist. Please be sure to consult with your Primary Care Physician before beginning any new nutrition or fitness regiment.