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Hey Friends! If you are reading this, then you have probably been trying to understand what all this talk about Macros is.  Let me tell you with the short version. Macros is Freedom from Dieting. No, really. The idea behind Macros is to completely do away with worrying about not being able to eat certain foods or cheating on your diet! Macros is about hitting your target calories by eating a certain amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.



It’s been proven over and over again that fat loss comes down to eating in a caloric deficit (less calories than what your body recommends to maintain its current state) and calories in vs calories out (the amount of food/energy coming in vs the amount of energy you’re expending).

In order to make you’re you in a true caloric deficit, you need to know exactly how much you are actually consuming. Every bite and sip.  The only way to accurately hit your deficit number is by tracking your foods/drinks. Tracking food can be tricky, overwhelming, and sometimes even a nuisance.  You must weigh, measure, and pay attention to nutrition information on EVERYTHING.



Doesn’t sound very “free,” does it? IT IS! Once you get the hang of it, its a piece of cake! LITERALLY! You can eat cake too! 🙂

How you choose to eat is up to you.  The best diet is one that can be maintained long term. Love carbs? Don’t go keto or low carb. Love meat?? Don’t go vegan. Can’t tolerate carbs? Keto or a low carb option would be good. Fast food doesnt sit well with you? Lean towards “eating clean.” Are you a binge eater? Do you absolutely just love food? Flexible dieting is your friend!


Tracking Macros Allows You To: 

♥  Stop worrying about cheating on your plan.Want those bread sticks from Olive Garden or that Pizza from Imos? Track it, make it fit, and enjoy!

♥  Have total control of your food. You pick what you want. No restrictions.

♥  Enjoy your foods. Why plan to eat foods you don’t like?  You don’t have to stick to chicken, broccoli and rice every single day!

♥  Lessen the urge to binge eat! When you restrict yourself, you’re more likely to binge on something you haven’t had in a while if the opportunity presents itself. When you make it fit and eat it when you want the urge to go crazy is much less!

♥  STOP FEELING GUILTY about eating what you want! No more punishing yourself by starving or adding in extra workouts because you had a cheeseburger or a candy bar.


Are you ready for a balanced nutritional lifestyle? I’m ready to help you take the steps needed in order to reach your goals!  Take a look at the services I have to offer in my SHOP, or click on one the the options below to take you straight to the information, and see if any is what you are in need of!


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***I am not a licensed Dietitian or Nutritionist. Please be sure to consult with your Primary Care Physician before beginning any new nutrition plan or fitness regiment.