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My Experience with Trainer Lindsey’s 15 Day Fit Body Challenge

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I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone while Jaryd had fallen asleep nursing. I generally ignore the spam in the “Sponsored” links that get mixed into my news feed, however, when I saw Lindsey Matthews’ link for this 15 day challenge, I clicked on it. Mostly to see the ridiculous cookie cutter, UNHEALTHY, plan that most people post to bait poor, uneducated, unfit women.

“Finally, in 20 Minutes A Day, You Can Lose Weight & Have The Fit & Toned Body You’ve Dreamed Of”

You get EVERYTHING you need to get fit & lose weight including:
Free Training, Coaching & Support
Free Meal Plans That Are DELICIOUS
Free Workouts That Are Challenging and EFFECTIVE and Burn Fat
Free Access To Get Your Questions Answered

Sure, sure. It’ll be filled with super skinny models telling us to eat 1200 calories a day and do hours of cardio and to not lift a single weight or else we will look like a man…..I was wrong. Lindsey Matthews pops up in a video, and she is no super skinny, bone thin model. She looks healthy. Very well balanced. Just like what I want to look like 😉 I read through the website, linked myself to the facebook group, and finally, signed up. A guide book comes with the program includes the work outs, meals, substitutions, and eating schedule. The meal plans are divided divided into weight classes. Definitely better than one plan for all shapes and sizes!

Your’e asked to take your measurements. There’s even a page dedicated to how to take your measurements. Easy as pie. Your’e also asked to take before photos.

My starting stats:
Weight:  124.6
Chest:  32
Waist:  29
Belly Button:  32.5
Glutes:  37.5
R. Thigh:  20
R. Calf:  13.5
R. Arm:  10

Before and After Trainer Lindsey 15 Day Fit Body Challenge

Meal planning and prepping was stressed. Thankfully, I’ve been meal planning and prepping for some time now. In the guide, it clearly explains how this plan is structured. The first 2 days are considered “Jump Start.” There is 1 meal plan (each meal plan includes 6 meals for the entire day). Days 3-13 are called Moderate Days. There are 3 different meal plans that you can choose from. Days 14 & 15 are “Flush Days,” in which you use the same meal plan as the Jump Start days. There is a schedule in the eBook. It’s beyond easy to figure out in my opinion. I printed the measurement page, the schedule page, and all the meal plans for the 135 and below weight class. I kept it next to my stove for easy access.

I used my meal plan calendar and grocery shopping list printables that I have included in my eBook to write out each meal for the 15 days, and then wrote out my shopping list. I just made it simple.

Day 1: Flush meal
Day 2: Flush Meal
Day 3: Mod Day 1
Day 4: Mod Day 2
Day 5: Mod Day 3
Day 6: Mod Day 1
Day 7: Mod Day 2
Day 8: Mod Day 3
and so on…..

I took my shopping list around the kitchen and crossed off all the items I already had. My shopping list dwindled down quickly. The plans didn’t require anything fancy, and most of it, I already had. Purchasing fresh produce and steaks were the only things I really had to worry about.

The meals are pretty basic, which made prepping super easy. I’m not a great cook. Seriously. I can’t even make a box of mac and cheese. I’m pretty sure Jayson has complained about every box I’ve tried to make! So these basic meals were a cinche! There are a couple sauces or glazes that you make, but they easy peasy. Another great thing about this challenge. EVERYTHING is explained to you!

Since I’m home most days, I didn’t prep many meals, and most meals were cooked in under 15 minutes. Because the meals were so simple, I was able to pack them up and eat them in the car while I ran errands. I even took my wrap and no bake protein  to the movies.

Here’s a look at some of the meals:

Meals from Trainer Lindseys Ideal Fit 15 Day Challenge

Buffalo Ranch chicken, Raspberry Cheesecake Protein Shakes, Steak, Turkey Wraps, Sweet Potatoes, nightly desserts, and unlimited veggies…This is all part of my normal diet, so it wasn’t hard for me to eat this over and over again. Honestly, I think this gave me more variety than I normally give myself. I know there were several complaints about not having many meal choices. Sure, I’d be happy with 4 or 5 moderate day meal plans, but I also know how much work can go into planning and calculating meals, so I’m thankful for the 3!

The workouts really were only 20 minutes. You don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment at home. I used 5, 8, and 10lb dumbbells, and an exercise ball. That’s it. Lindsey and Kaytlin walk you through each exercise. I’ve seen challenges where “trainers” bust through exercises in poor form, never explaining how to do it right. They made sure to show proper form for each. One thing I didn’t like about the work outs, is that there was no warm up or cool down. Or even a reminder to do either. Ya, maybe it’s a no brainer, especially since I’ve been a boot camp instructor for some time now, and have always started my classes with a warm up, and ended with a cool down. But for those that are new to the fitness life, I think it’s important to include at least a reminder. Some days I would be so busy trying squeeze a work out in while my 11 month old was distracted, I’d get half way into my work out and realize I never warmed up. A warm up makes a HUGE difference for me! Aside from that, the work outs were basic, but effective. I think that any person, no matter their shape and size, could do each exercise. It’s set up so you do a 10-15 reps or 3 exercises, followed by a bit of cardio, x2. Then, another set of exercises, and cardio, x2. Basic. Simple. Effective.

Here are my day 7 pics and stats:

Weight: 121.2
Chest:  32
Waist:  28
Belly Button:  31.5
Glutes:  37
R. Thigh:  20
R. Calf:  13
R. Arm:  10

Before and After Trainer Lindsey 15 Day Fit Body Challenge

In my opinion, there really isn’t much of a visual difference. But, I can say that I felt much more energized. I don’t get much sleep with our 11 month old. Up until recently, he would wake up to nurse at midnight, then be up every hour from there. Some times, he would wake up at 3 just because, and then be up for an hour. My 6 year old was a perfect sleeper almost immediately. These last 11 months have been crazy. I can’t believe I am able to function half the time with out any sleep!  My motivation picked up around day 4. I looked forward to my morning work outs and most of all, I looked forward to my next meal.  I LOVE TO EAT. I always have. So being on a every 3 hour or so schedule was great for me! One thing I noticed was that I was averaging only around 1300 calories a day. My goal is to gain, so I know I actually need to be eating more that this. But to cut, this worked out well. It gave me quick results that helped me get motivated fairly easily.  Generally, I eat between 1600 & 1800 calories a day. I was worried about not getting enough calories in. At the end of each day though, I was always full. And ending with meal 6’s dessert helped me keep me from late night snacking!

By the way. Breastfeeding mama’s. I read on the FB group that many nursing mama’s milk supply dipped. In the beginning, my lactation consultant told me that there’s usually a 3 month, 6 month and 9 month lull in supply. The first 5 months or so, I pumped 4-6 times a day, getting anywhere from 12-18 ounces a pump session. I do remember around both 3 and 6 months that my supply dipped. My diet and exercise regiments never changed. I pumped only 2-4 ounces for a few days. However, 11 months in, I started this challenge and there was no change in my supply. I couldn’t tell you if it was because we have been so consistent for 11 months, or if I was just as lucky as can be. I also did not take any supplements. I stuck to protein powder and prenatals. And no, I did not use the Ideal Lean protein powder. I wish I had though because the Ideal Lean’s macros are so much better than my Wal Mart protein powder. I’m so curious to see the difference it could’ve made! Mine had almost twice the calories, fats, carbs and much less protein. Unfortunately, I had a pretty full tub of vanilla and chocolate protein powder, and I didn’t have the extra $55 to spend on more protein powder.

I wish I could say that I followed this plan precisely, but I did not. I gave in a few times. But compared to how I normally cave, this was a miracle. I had a bite of Lindsay’s burger from Wendy’s, a lick of Ally’s ice cream cone, a value Frosty, and 2 smores. The smores were my cheat meal that we were allowed to have. For those that know me, I have a food anxiety/obsession. Most days, it’s easily handled, but some days are awful. I binge and binge and binge and can easily consume 3500-4000 calories. The cheat meal threw me off quite a bit and I struggled the last several days of this challenge.

And finally, my end results:

Weight: 118.4
Chest:  31
Waist:  26
Belly Button:  30
Glutes:  36
R. Thigh:  20
R. Calf:  13
R. Arm:  10

Before and After Trainer Lindsey 15 Day Fit Body Challenge

Down 6.2lbs and 8 inches lost. I honestly did not expect these results. I did this challenge because I needed motivation. I needed a plan already laid out for me. I needed accountability. I got all of that and more! Our 11 month old has me so tired and so busy. A typical day for me:
Breakfast for Ally
Get her dressed and out the door in time (which rarely happens….sorry Jayson :P)
Jayson leaves for work and takes Ally to school
Sometimes I remember to pack her lunch
Keep lil man happy….he does not leave my hip, so laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc is all done with him on my hip 🙁
Plus nursing him, running errands, finding the time to shower, put my face on and make my hair somewhat decent.
Cook dinner. Clean the mess from cooking and all the plates from dinner.

Did I mention our company ( – go check it out if your’e a MMA fan 😛 ) implemented a new rule requiring blood work from fighters? My oh my. It was a lot of work in a very short time. Creating privacy policies, talking with trainers/fighters/promoters trying to get all this straightened out, creating privacy documents for staff and fighters, and so on, and so on….I haven’t worked on my eBook in over 2 months! This challenge was the first routine I had in a long time! And I loved it 🙂 I think this plan is great for a busy mom, wife, student, or career oriented woman. Someone that needs a little boost of motivation. Some accountability. I read a lot of group members that were morbidly obese and succeeded. I read that some ladies who considered themselves fit, struggled. I think it all comes down to you. Are you just going to whine and complain about water intake, food intake, boring meal plans, or are you going to suck it up and do your best? Of course, I recommend speaking with your primary care physician if this is far from your normal routine……just in case 🙂

Before and After - Baby Biceps - Trainer Lindseys 15 day Fit Body ChallengePicture111111111111 

One of the best pieces of advice that I can give, is to save the link that has all the work outs along with the ebook guide to your phone, iPad, tablet, desktop, or whatever it is that you use. It made it so much easier to cook, work out, and refer to when questions popped up about substitutions or what time I should eat when. I eliminated many of the possible excuses I could’ve come up with. Also, it saved me from asking questions that have already been asked 100 times on the facebook group. Seriously, before asking a question, read the ebook guide. I guarantee you that your question is answered in the book.

Also, do not get on the scale unless it is a weigh in day. I’ve always told all my boot camp clients to ignore the number on the scale. I try to explain that with all the water you drink, the change in your diet, and adding exercise, the numbers will fluctuate. The best way to check your progress is before and after photos, measurements, and how you feel in your clothes. When I used to weigh myself all the time, I would wake up in the low 120s and go to bed in the high 120s and sometimes, low 130s. It really messes with your mind! IGNORE THE SCALE!!!!!

I will be starting the challenge again tomorrow, and I do not plan on having a cheat meal this time around. I’m so excited to see what the results will be! I had excellent luck the first round. I look forward to seeing what this round will bring! Yes, I’ll post another update when I’m done! 😉

Questions about the challenge or anything I did with this challenge? Comment below or find me on Facebook, Instagram, or SnapChat @ DianeMichiko

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    • Diane

      Yes! It really was free!! You get the meal plan and all the work out instructions. You get links to all the work out videos that actually show you each exercise. That way youre not reading it on paper, wondering what the heck a lateral raise or a sumo squat is. They make their money by trying to get you to purchase their products. Its a BRILLIANT marketing strategy!! However, you can have killer results without purchasing their products! I used some cheapo protein from walmart that had double the calories, fat and carbs and still had amazing results! I just recently found Six Star for women, and their Nutrition information is very similar to IdealFits. When are you starting, or have you already started? It for sure takes dedication! No slacking allowed! Let me know how it goes!

  • Lisa

    I am thinking about doing the challenge. I was given the GNC Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60. I don’t want to purchase the IdealLean because I haven’t even used the GNC product yet. Should I use the GNC or nothing at all? Your thoughts? Thanks

    • Diane

      I did not use the Ideal Lean. I already had my Muscle Tech. No way was I spending another $50 on powder when I already had my own! The nutrition information for the Muscle Tech I had was AWFUL compared to the Ideal Lean. Twice the calories, carbs and fats and a little less on the protein. I know most girls used FitMiss or Six Stars womens line. Both of those are very similar to the nutrition information that Ideal Lean had. In all reality, if you kick ass in your work outs and you eat according to the plan, you will see results!!

  • Gerri

    I have a lot of weight to lose (70) is this something I can do long term or just meant for some needing to drop 10 to 15 lbs

    • Diane


      Cleaning up your diet and staying active would be the simple, long term change you can do. Cleaning up your diet alone can do wonders. I highly suggest seeing a nutritionist that will be able to figure out how many calories you need to safely lose weight. They will be able to tell you how much of your diet will be carbs, fats, and proteins (macros). Some nutritionists will even offer meal planning! Which makes things so much easier. Guessing your macros and them figuring foods to fit them can sometimes be a hassle. It takes quite a bit of work in the beginning. Nutritionists can sometimes be a bit more expensive, but you could always check with your primary care physician too. I stress getting professional help in regards to determining your macros if this is all new to you, because, if you go too high or too low, you’re still stuck. Too high can make you gain weight. Too low can make you gain weight too, as strange as that sounds. Your body needs food to fuel itself. 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks is what I do. I eat lots of carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice, and lots of veggies! Fats like avocado and olive or coconut oils. And plenty of lean meats and seafood for my protein. People are afraid of fats and carbs thinking that this is what makes you gain weight, but good sources of each help fuel your body!

      These 15 day challenges are great!! They at least get you started. It’ll teach you the importance of hydrating, and getting enough salt and macronutrients. Once the 15 days are up though, I wont lie, it can be tough for some. But like I said, its a start!


  • Kelly

    Wow! Strong work!
    I was wondering when you complete the challenge again if they are the same workouts? I’m definitely going to do it again (just finishing round 1), but am curious to see if its the same 15 days.

    • Diane

      Thank you!

      Yes, all the meals and work outs are the same!! However, there are new programs that have come out recently that have different meals and workouts! Karina Elle has a Fit Model Fitness Challenge. There is also one specifically for moms. I dont remember the name of that challenge though. I signed up for both, but never did them. I just ate my normal 90/10 clean meals and worked out when I could. Ideal Shape has the free 12 week program. I briefly looked over it, but didnt love it right off the bat, so I skipped it. The brunette that does all the workouts with Lindsey in the videos has a new 15 day challenge through Ideal Shape, and thats free too. Ideal Fit also has the 6 week challenge, but it costs money. I believe its $89. If youre willing to pay the 89, I would suggest the 12 week Oxygen Magazine challenge instead. Same amount of money, but longer duration.

      How’d you do after your first round!?


  • Christie Elder

    I’m on week 5 of the 12 week challenge. I really like it, the workouts start out slower, but get more intensity as the weeks go by. I haven’t done the 15 Day challenge , may try that one too!

    • Diane

      I really enjoyed the 15 day challenge! Im currently doing the Oxygen 90 challenge, and once this is done, Ill probably give the 12 week one another try, just to change things up some! Are you still on the 12 week plan? How have your results been?

  • Melissa

    Hi there! I also did the 15 day challenge and am doing it on alternate days again for round 2 – along with Lindsay’s 12 week challenge. I was wondering how you feel about carb cycling and if you feel that is the best meal plan to tighten, strengthen and tone. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose – 5 lbs – but I am in desperate need of toning! Just wondered what if I am on the right track with carb cycling or your thoughts on that. Thank you!

    • Diane

      I honestly dont know much about carb cycling. I actually just started experimenting with it last week and am trying to learn more about it. There are so many online calculators, and each pulled up a different ratio. One had me eating only 900 calories on a low day with 5g of carbs. But another site said on my low day to have 1410 calories and 39g of carbs. Its so confusing, so im just messing around trying to see what works.

  • Melissa

    Sorry just one more question. You mentioned the Oxygen 90 day workout – can you do this from home as you can Lindsay’s program? The clip I saw when I looked it up showed her using equipment at a gym. I need to be able to do this at home. Thank you!

    • Diane

      It does call for gym equiptment, such as the cable machines and some benches. But, its all easy to modify at home. I just google modifications, and havent had any problems so far!

  • Carolina Villalta

    I am 162lb weight I will love to lost to 135 I least or more mother of 3 and I being trying to lose weight but is being very stressful because I am to busy whit my 2 year old home stuff I read this and I can’t believe u are as busy I am and u did it , my hubby lost a lot whit Atkins but I am trying to doe and is not for me , I don’t want to drink pill that are danger and all this caffeinated pill that fat burn I already drink a lot of caffeine I work weekend in Starbuck I do have a lot of cellulite and my stomach is huge and very stretch from my 3 kids I will love to be tone rib of it all this ugly cellulite from my legs ?

  • Casey

    I am on day 8 of my 15 day challenge by Lindsey and I am so glad that I chose to click on that little sponsor ad as well. I had my day 7 check in and I am down 6.3 pounds and 6 1/4 inches so far. I will be repeating this challenge to get me through the holidays and beginning her 12 week challenge at the beginning of the year. I also did not purchase the Idealfit protein powder, however, I had the nutrition facts from the label (that someone graciously posted in the facebook page) and used that to find another brand in the store. I purchased the Iso-100 and so far have had good results with it.

    • Diane

      Wow! That is some amazing work in 7 days! Congratulations!!

      How do you like the flavor of the ISO? I bought the sample packs of IdealFit and LOVED them! I dont use it because it was more expensive than I can afford. But I have a different brand thats comparable in Macros, but not in flavor! 🙁

      I have apparently missed any information on the 12 week challenge! I will have to go check that out!!

    • Diane

      Honestly, I dont remember. I did this challenge back in February. It was something along the lines of:

      Meal 1: Shake
      Meal 2: Shake
      Meal 3: Eggs
      Meal 4: One of the meals listed in her recipes page
      Meal 5: One of the meals listed in her recipes page
      Meal 6: Dessert

      I think. I might have the order mixed up, but that should be close. She stresses a gallon of water a day, no diet sodas, and unlimited amounts of certain veggies. Its not a starvation day like people might think. There wasnt one single day on this plan where I felt like i was still hungry. Ill be doing this challenge again after the holidays. Find me on IG or SnapChat if you choose to do it too! Ill do it with you! 🙂

  • Sara

    I’ve done 3 rounds of the 15 day challenge and am on round 4 of the 6 week challenge and have not lost any weight. I even have started doing double workouts. I do think it’s an awesome program, but no weight loss or results.

    • Diane

      No results at all?? I cant believe that! And you’re following the meal plan to a T and giving 100% to each workout? Have you taken progress pictures? You should have someone close to you compare them. Sometimes, we’re just too hard on ourselves and don’t see the change. Any changes in measurements or how your clothes fit?? Im so curious now!

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the great blog. I did the first workout yesterday but have not started the meal plan. I am also exclusively breastfeeding and wondering which products are safe to use while nursing?

    • Diane

      I’m afraid I can’t answer your question! You will need to talk to your physician to see what he/she thinks is best for you. I started these challenges after my son was born, but I was breastfeeding. So I consulted with my OB. She wasn’t familiar with any of the products and told me “NO” on all of it. She didnt care to look into any of it for me. Wouldn’t tell me what ingredients I should stay away from or what would be ok. It was quite frustrating. I did use protein shakes here and there while breastfeeding. But none of the other products. I finally stopped nursing him at 20 months, and waited a little before starting any supplements in case he just HAD to have boob again LOL but hes 22 months now and hasnt had any interest in going back to boob. I would imagine a BIG FAT NO on pre workout and Fat Burner. Most likely CLAs too. I was told to use Liquid Aminos when I was cooking my food, but then the gal that suggested it found out I was nursing, she said not to use it. I had read a few times that I shouldnt use aminos while breastfeeding. I didnt use it, but I also never looked into it. I imagine if cooking with Liquid Aminos isnt good while nursing, then I cant imagine taking the BCAAs would be good either. Im sorry. I know this doesnt help LOL Definitely check with your doc! Maybe ask Trainer Nicole?? Id imagine she would have a better idea since her plan is geared towards the pregnant/post pregnant mamas!

      • Susannah

        Hi Kerri/Diane,
        Just found this blog. Interested as I have the same question. I’ve been following the nutrition plan, but a bit apprehensive about giving up my current workouts for the suggested 15 day workouts. Kerri – what did you decide to do? And how did it go?
        Also I am in the U.K. and some of the foodstuffs don’t translate that well and as they are asking to be so specific I think that element could still be improved. However, bit of common sense applied and I am sure I won’t be too far off! I think the American palate is also sweeter than here (for me anyway) and I find the Ideal lean really sweet and some of the recipes too. Maybe a place for some adaptions for the UK market? I also like the 6 meals idea – takes a bit of prepping around work but the fact it is only 3 menus really means you can get used to it.

        • Diane

          Susannah – did you know that IdealFit has expanded out to the UK? i dont know if their plans would be set up any different than how they have it set up for us here in the US. But if you havent looked, it might be an option. Have you looked into the workouts for this program? Is there a way to mix in your current workout with these? The first time I did this, i followed it to a T. But, since then, I’ve done quite a few of the challenges and have done them on top of my normal routine, each time with excellent results!

  • Kerri

    I am highly interested in trying this to get me jump started. I currently work out at 9Round 4-6 times a week. Can that be substituted for the work out plan included? Or, can I do it in addition to what is provided?

    • Diane

      I imagine it could be a substitute if you really didn’t want to do the workouts. The workouts are only about 20 minutes, so adding those on to what you’re already doing wouldn’t be too difficult. I’ve worked out at home for the last 8 years and have had to create my own workouts. So these challenges help me out A LOT by having it already planned out for me.

  • Jenna B

    I am super excited to try this as my 35th Birthday rolls around… I had one concern though. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and was wondering if the workouts are super hard core/high impact?
    I really just want to tone up and lose about 5-7 lbs.

    • Diane

      Some of it I would say is, but not a lot of it. I think some of it could easily be modified to meet your needs. The FB group that you join is so helpful! You can post about your RA and see if anyone has modification suggestions for you. Once you start and see they workouts, youre more than welcome to get a hold of me and check for modifications too! I’m easier to get a hold of on social media than I am on my website 😐 lol

  • Jenna B

    When you sign up for the 15 day challenge do you have to start it that day? Or can you start after the sign up date? So you have time to get anything you may need.

    • Diane

      Nope! However, since they have a start date set up, once you sign up, you will receive emails that coincide with the challenge. I’ve done it on my own, and just moved the emails to a separate folder to use as I went along on my own.

  • Natalie

    Hi Diane,

    Awesome results! I just started the 15 day challenge today. Would you mind posting how tall you are? My measurements are very close to your starting stats, curious how height/weight compare in terms of changes in measurements. Thanks for the great post!

    • Diane

      Hey Natalie!

      I am 5’4ish 🙂

      Let me know how you do in the challenge or if you need any help! Im going to start again in a few days!

  • Natalie

    Thanks! Interesting my inches are very close to yours but I’m 5’6″ and 149lbs. Body composition is crazy that way 🙂 Excited to see how this goes. Only thing that I’m curious about is how so little exercise can have such fast results! I’m used to working out 4-5 hours per week so 17-18 minutes per day seems very little!

    • Diane

      As a part of the 15 day challenge? No, I dont believe it is on the “approved” list. If youre doing your own diet, Edamame is a great source of macronutrients. 1 Cup can have 17g protein, 15g carbs, & 8g fat. I eat it often as a mid day snack!

  • Kitty Weale

    Thanks for the post it’s really reassuring to see someone who has done it independently and get amazing results.

    I’m trying to lose some weight and tone up and think the 15 day challenge would be a good place to start!

    Fingers crossed!

    • Diane

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 15 day FBC. I can’t share that enough! It is what I come back to every time I need a break from tracking macros, or not doing one of the 6 week challenges! Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions! Share your results with me on here or social media if you can! Id love to see how it works out for you!