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My Experience with Trainer Nicole’s 15 Day Mommy Fit Trainer Challenge

Im so excited to now be able to offer you all some discount codes!!  There are 10-25% off codes listed at the end of this post!

Trainer Nicole is the lead Trainer of the IdealRaw line – I used the IdealLean line while doing this challenge – just FYI 🙂

WARNING: This is a LONG post. I tried to make it as detailed as possible for those that are like me. Those that like to know as much as possible before diving in to something new! I’m not a writer. I do this for fun. There will be spelling and grammatical errors. Sorry ahead of time 🙂  If somehow your answers still aren’t answered by the end of this, please, ask in the comments below or get a hold of me on social media!

Let me just start off by saying that Mommy Trainer is not just for moms. This is for anyone that needs a change to their current routine. I don’t know why, but I thought, “I’m sure it will be easier than Trainer Lindsey’s 15 Day Fit Body Challenge (See my Results HERE).” Probably because I think of new moms and babies, and how I was after I had my babies, and think “awwwwww” and start baby talking and get all sorts of lovey dovey mushy in my head. I know, lame. Don’t judge me 🙂 I desperately want more babies 🙂 <3 But we have chosen to not have anymore.

So, let’s discuss me for a second. I want you to understand the kind of person I am. How my body works. I am your typical skinny fat girl. I have been told that I’m not really skinny, not really fat, but just thick. I’m too boxy. I’m flat all around. The only time I’ve had boobs was when I was pregnant and/or nursing. I bloat, a lot, very easily. I always suck my gut in. Why? Because I balloon up the second I put anything in my mouth in the morning, and look 5 months pregnant for the rest of the day. For the longest time, I wouldn’t eat anything in the mornings because I enjoyed the skinny feeling. I know, I know. Awful.

I have major food issues. I binge like there is no tomorrow. Once I start, there is no stopping. Before moving from KC to a small town with limited restaurant choices, I used to frequent Denny’s on the weekends and order 2 country fried steak meals. Yes, TWO of the MEALS. Hash browns, eggs, toast. The whole nine yards. I ate every bite, every time. I love food. I grew up in the back of a fast food restaurant. Jayson and I had only been dating a few months when a friend of his was driving through KC. I met up with him for dinner one night and CLEANED my plate. I would’ve licked the sauce off the plate had I been home, and not in public. Our friend looked at me and said, “Do you eat like that in front of Jayson?” I was shocked. “Yes. I do. And if he’s got a problem with the amount that I eat, well, he clearly is not the right guy for me!!”

Last year, I found the term “FOMO.” The Fear Of Missing Out. Yes. Absolutely. I do not want to miss out on delicious pizza, pasta, burgers or anything else that you are eating! I know taste is only temporary. I don’t care. I want the food on my plate, and yours too. Once a thought about food or even sweet drinks pass through my mind, it’s there for good. I become distracted and it’s all I can think about until I have it. I’ve made 30 minute trips to the town next to us for a Panera Chai Tea Latte or on of their Signature Hot Chocolates. I make the drive into town to get a McDonalds Diet Coke. Let’s face it. Those are the BEST diet cokes you will ever come across. And I drive a gas guzzlin SUV…..soooooo…..don’t mention this part to my boyfriend, ok? 😛

I have always been a yo-yo dieter. I found the IIFYM style, and LOVE it. I eat “clean”  I’d say, 80% of the time. I have found that not restricting my meals 100% works best for me. When I tell myself I cant have pizza, burgers, wine, or anything else delicious and “frowned upon,” I go crazy craving it. I’m obsessive compulsive. Go ahead. Just add that on to the list there. LOL I track my numbers very closely. I’m an avid My Fitness Pal user. I log my meals the night before and I always log my dessert first. If I’m going to eat pizza or burgers the next day, I log that next. Then, I log all my normal stuff. Once I finalize my log, I stick to it 99% of the time. IIFYM and logging my meals the night before has been key to my “success.”

With all that said though, I am the kind of person that can get into pretty good shape after even just a short time with a balanced diet and killer workouts. So much of my problem is eating food that causes me bloat up like a balloon.  These challenges for me, can change my appearance in a heartbeat. The diet for me is the hardest. Once I clean up my diet, its all easy peasy from there. I just need to be better about doing them back to back and not taking so much time off in between!! I see the change, then I stop working out and eating right! It’s such a viscous circle for me!! Coach Kaytlin just posted to the IdealFit Blog about body types. Check out Mesomorphs. That is me, except for the small waist part. Again, I’m a box. My top of my hips are an inch away from the ribs. I have no waist 🙁

So, that halfway photo. This is why I just spent the last 5 minutes telling you how I am. How my body works. It doesn’t take much for me. This isn’t a brag post. This isn’t to make anyone feel bad. This is me trying to show you how my body is. My bloating belly is gone after 1 week of clean eating. I dropped the grease, the excess servings of “bad” carbs and fats. I dropped all the gassy, “stick with you for days”, fast food meals. I finished my gallon of water every day, plus had water with my pre-workout and BCAAs. People do “cleanses” all the time to “detox” their bodies. But in reality, you already have the best detox tool built in! Your liver and your digestive system! It really is amazing what a clean and balanced diet can do to a body!

So, shall we get to why you came to this page??? 🙂 What is this plan like? Does it really work? Are the meals any good? How hard are the workouts? Do I have to purchase anything? So. Let’s get started!

After you sign up, you will begin to get emails in regards to the challenge. I signed up about a week before the challenge started, and if I remember correctly, got my first email 3 days or so prior to the start date. In the first main email, you will get a link that takes you to a page that has the Workout Videos, your 3 check ins, and your Nutrition eBook (which also has the workouts written out for you as well). I “FAVORITED” this link to my laptop, tablet, and cell phone. That way, I had it available any time I needed it. No struggling last minute to find my workout. Meals were easily accessible when I made an unexpected stop at the grocery store. But the most important thing that worked for me, was printing the eBook. I put it into a 3 ring notebook and kept it in my kitchen. I cant express how much easier this made everything!

Each challenge invites you to a “FaceBook Community.” These, in my opinion are so motivating and encouraging!  Seeing that other people struggle, knowing I’m not the only one, is in my opinion, is so good for my mental health. I tend to beat myself up over not being perfect like those I follow on Social Media. When your used to seeing photo shopped girls with top of the line outfits/makeup/hair, etc, its hard to remember that that is not reality. All the struggles we post and read about, that’s reality. Also, you have access to the Trainers! I personally have not asked any questions or tagged the Trainers in any of the groups, but I’ve seen a lot of others do it, and both Nicole and Lindsey have responded.

Measurements and check in Day(s): Remember that email I said you would get a few paragraphs up? That’s where you can go to check in and record your measurements. Your eBook shows you how to measure your body properly. Do it as close to the exact same spot/way each time, that way you can be close to certain on any changes. STAY OFF THE SCALE after you measure for day 1. The scale will fool you over and over through out this challenge. It is best to stay off until its mandatory for you to check in again. Some of you will be eating more than normal, some less. Some of you will be drinking so much more water than normal. Your weight will bounce around a lot and it will mess with your head! Again. STAY OFF THE SCALE unless its time to weigh in 🙂 You w ill get email reminders to check in for day 7, and your final check in, so no worries if your’e forgetful like me.

Meals: If you scroll to the top of the “FaceBook Community,” you can click on INFO, then FILES. In this section, you will see links to the workouts in case you cant find it on YouTube or didn’t save it to your electronic device. You will also find the meals in case you didn’t print it off or again, lost the eBook in your emails or tabs. And last but not least, you will find a grocery list that someone has started, and many have contributed to. If you don’t want to fix your own grocery list, this is a great place to go. I, however, only plan for 3-4 days, so these lists were too much for me. If you need help planning your grocery list, please feel free to comment below or contact me on any of my social media links! I’ll be happy to help! I write all the ingredients and amounts of each that I will need. Then, I go through my cabinets and cross off what I already have. Remember how I said I am obsessive compulsive? I then rewrite my list in the order of the isles at my Walmart Super Center, starting with Milk at the back of the store and ending with produce at the front. My son does not make shopping easy. The more organized I am, the more likely I am to get out of the store alive!

I realize my photos are not properly aligned. Have I mentioned yet that I have no clue about html codes, or putting together a website? This is all new to me, so please, bare with me! 🙂

You are given a full days menu for each day. YES. There are substitutions listed after the menus. Don’t like fish? There’s a sub for that. Don’t like rice? There’s a sub for that. Lactose Allergy? There’s a sub for that. And oh yes, there are subs for Gluten free options. They’ve thought of it all 🙂 The recipes for some of these meals are also included, so you don’t have to search for your own recipes. Every recipe was so easy to make. They were all good with the exception of the Chunky Monkey Oatmeal and the Chia Pudding. I wont lie. Those were rough. I still ate it, but boy was I gulping water after each bite LOL I ate a lot of turkey burgers, salmon, egg scrambles, cauliflower rice, spaghetti squash, zoodles, and taco salads before this challenge, so it honestly wasn’t much of a change for me.   I spend Sunday preparing some of the meals. I’m currently home all day everyday with my son, so I don’t have to prepare everything ahead of time. When I did Lindsey’s 15 Day FBC, even though I was home, I still prepped it all ahead of time. It is certainly helpful! I really have no answer as to why I chose to plan ahead then, but not so much this time around.



BREAKFAST:  Egg Scramble or Protein Pancakes
LUNCH: Simple Salmon/Tuna Boats/Chicken w/Avocado Salsa
Dinner: Skinny Girl Spaghetti
Snacks: Homemade Trail Mix or the Homemade Protein Bars

TIPS: Create your own grocery list. If you’re not into meal planning or prepping, at least read ahead the night before so you aren’t caught off guard the next day. Buy food in bulk. There is nothing wrong with discount stores. Purchase only the next day or twos worth of fresh produce, otherwise, buy frozen so it doesn’t go bad. 

The Workouts: Ladies. Get ready to sweat!! This was tough! I was sore for several days after the first couple workouts. I had been binge eating from October until New Years Eve, and wasn’t working out at all. I pushed it harder than I should’ve! I thought, “I’m used to these kind of workouts. I’ll be fine!” Um. I was wrong. LOL! Do not let that scare you off!! PLEASE!! Working out isn’t about keeping up with the people around you or the people on your TV/Laptop/Tablet screen. It’s is about you, doing better than you did the day before. It’s about you being honest with yourself. Were you slacking? Could you have given one more rep? Could you maybe have used some heavier weights? There is a pause button on each video. USE IT IF YOU NEED IT! I sure did! Goodness! There were times I thought I seriously couldn’t get my arms up even to pause it. Those “Wheel Turns” are KILLER!! 😉 Take your breaks as needed! This is about you, no one else. You can do this! I promise!!

Trainer Nicole starts off each video with a “how to” of each exercise. It’s so nice! I’ve been apart of plans where I had no clue what I was doing, and had to Google the exercise. And of course, there are multiple, completely different ways to do them. It would get so confusing! For most of each workout, it is set up into 2 blocks. Each block has anywhere from 6-8 exercises.  You alternate between 40 seconds of a strength movement (i.e. Push Ups, Dips, Lunges, etc), followed by 20 seconds of a cardio movement (i.e. mountain climbers, jumping jacks, skaters, etc). If you choose to workout along with the video, she will introduce each exercise, then go through block 1 with you, three times. Then, she will introduce the exercises for the block 2, and again, will repeat the block three times. Seriously!! Pause the video as needed!

You also have days with just cardio, no strength exercises. If you are stuck indoors with no equipment, no worries! All my cardio days were done in my basement due to not having a gym membership, it being too cold outdoors, or my baby was napping.  You will do 6 rounds of Cardio Intervals. 30 seconds of High Paced cardio, followed by 90 seconds (on day 12, it will actually be reduced to 60 seconds) of Slow/Steady cardio. My High Paced cardio options were: Jump Rope, High Knees, High Skips, Burpees, Toe Taps, Tuck Jumps, Skaters, Star Jumps, Mountain Climbers, etc. Check out my videos HERE and/or HERE (with my daughter) for ideas! My Slow/Steady cardio was kept simple by jogging in place. I LOVED these days. I hate cardio. But I really enjoyed these. Some days, I used an online tabata timer that can be found HERE. There are so many out there, this is just the one I found years ago, and have stuck with it. If I didn’t have my laptop accessible during my workout, I used a Free Tabata app on my iPhone,simply called, “Tabata.” Its black with a red stop watch on it. These are so helpful when doing these cardio interval days.

Remember, your Warm Up, Workouts, and Cool Downs are at the top of the blog page I told you that I “favorited” to all my electronic devices for easy access. If your’e struggling to find the videos because you have lots of emails, you can simply go to YouTube and search “Mommy Trainer Workouts” and they will all pop up for you. Trainer Nicole sends out daily emails throughout the challenge. The next days workout is always posted in your email too.

Do You Have To Purchase Products: NOPE. You do not have to purchase anything. When I did Lindsey’s 15 day FBC last year, I already had a tub of cheapo Walmart protein. I wasn’t about to waste it or the money I spent on it. Other than that, I did not use anything from Ideal Fit or any supplements from any other company.  I am almost certain that had I used the IdealLean line, I would have had even better results! The Macros for the IdealLean Protein is unbelievably better than the stuff I was using. But no, you do not need to purchase products. I spent money on food for the meal plans. I already had weights and a stability ball, so I didn’t need to purchase those. HOWEVER, if you are on a budget, and need equipment, don’t be afraid to check your resale shops!! I bought some of my dumbbells at Goodwill. I also bought dang near brand new Under Armour tennis shoes at Goodwill for $6!! SIX DOLLARS!!!! I get a lot of my workout leggings and tanks there too! Most of them are brand new with tags still! I’m cheap. What can I say!? 🙂

If you do choose to purchase products, don’t buy something just because someone else in the community is telling you that you need it or that it’ll work for you because it worked for them. Yes, these products can help, but honestly, a clean diet can do so much! So if you are on a tight budget, follow the meal and workout plans, and when you can afford it, look into the products. Do your research. One awesome tool that I use often is the Online Chat feature on the IdealFit website. Anytime I have a question about a product, I just go to IdealFit or IdealRaw site, and click on the  black “Chat With Our Experts” button on the bottom right of the screen.  It’s available during regular business hours.

You can always tag the trainer in a post in the “Community” and  they generally reply! You will get replies from the general public. Remember, they’re not all nutritionists/dietitians/physicians. Suggestions from us regular folk can be great, but someone with true knowledge in the field is who you want to listen to.  Especially if it comes to medical conditions.  IdealFit says it, and I’ll repeat it. Check with your Primary Care Physician before starting a new diet or workout plan.

Does this program work: From my experience, and a few friends that have joined with me for both Mommy Trainer and Lindsey’s 15 Day Challenge, my answer, is YES. All of our results differed. A couple had better results than me, and some, I had better results than. Some of us gave 115%, where as some of us gave 75%.  I gave my all, and here are my final results:

I will say, my results with Lindsey’s 15 Day Fit Challenge produced better results. I’m not complaining here by any means. There is clearly a HUGE difference.  All in all, I lost 5.5 inches and 5.2 lbs. This was the perfect boost that I needed to get back on track! I enjoyed those 4 months of binging. I won’t lie. Every bite was delicious. But the gas, bloating, tight fitting clothes, and everything else was not enjoyable. I am 2.5 weeks post challenge and I have followed a basic macros plan to help keep me in check! I’ve been alternating workouts between Lindsey and Nicole’s challenges, along with working out with my boot camp class 2 nights a week.

Lindsey just recently came out with an Ultimate Guide to Macros! If you would like to learn more about tracking Macros, this is an excellent eBook to learn the basics. It includes: What Macros actually are,  what the Macro Essential Foods are, Meal Planning, How to track Macros, How to Calculate your Macros, and much more.

Did you use any IdealFit Products:  Yes. This time around, I did. You can find everything I used on my recent Product Review Page

If you have any questions, please, comment below or get a hold of me through social media! All my links are HERE

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  • Melissa

    Which challenge did you find worked better or liked better Lindsay or Nicole? I looked at both and not sure which one to start with.

    • Diane

      Honestly, I lean towards liking Lindseys just a hair more. The workouts on both are excellent! They are both great for those just starting out, or those that have been working out a long time. I found them both very challenging!As far as meal plans go, I think I liked the style of the meal plan from Lindseys a little better. I liked that Nicoles was already planned out for the entire 15 days, but I think I liked the meals themselves from Lindseys better. I feel like with Lindsey, there was more change. I get bored with food quickly, and once Im bored, Im straying or binging.

      My favorite meal from Nicoles was the Avocado Chicken, and snack was the beef jerky with almonds and chocolate

      From Lindseys, my favorite meals were the Garlic Lime Chicken, Ginger Glazed Fish, & the stir fry. Snacks, Raspberry Cheesecake shake and the peanut butter dessert.

  • Margaret

    I’m looking at the mommy trainer program now but she sends you to idealraw products instead of idealfit. Is this new? I was trying to use your name so you could get credit for all of your help but it doesn’t recognize it. Have you used the raw products?