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My Go To Green Smoothie

I am a Pinterest fanatic. I am constantly searching for new recipes to try. I make them, and most of the time, they turn out awful. I don’t know why. A friend will make the same recipe, and theirs will turn out good! Apparently, I just don’t belong in the kitchen……most of the time 😛

I’ve tried juicing and HATED it. We went out and spent a ton of money on fruits and veggies and were stoked. Got home, mixed it all together, and BARF. It was terrible!! Despite cold fruits and veggies and Ice, it was warm, watery, and gross, gross, GROSS!!

I honestly dont remember how I decided this concoction would work. I do remember the first two times, I used too much green. So I went to half a cup of each, and it was just the right amount!

So, without further ado, here is my current favorite green smoothie:

1/2 cup Spinach
1/2 cup Kale
1 Frozen Banana
1 cup Almond Milk (or any milk of your choice)
1/2 Strawberries (or any fruit of your choice)
1 Packet of Organic Stevia (1g or 0.035oz)

Add it all into the blender and mix! I use a Ninja Single Serve for mine and it blend just perfectly. No lumps and clumps! I like using the frozen banana instead of ice because it doesnt get watered down. You could also add frozen fruits rather than fresh to help keep it cold. There is nothing more gross than warm vegetable juice first thing in the morning!!

Green Smoothie Recipe