Got It At Goodwill,  Outfit of the Day

OOTD: Gloomy Rainy Day Work Outfit

It was 83* 2 days ago. Today, it is 46. I am not ok with this.

My back is really giving me a hard time and my ankle pain is getting worse and worse. The cold weather did not help my aches and pains or in getting me out of my bed this morning. I refused to dress up for work today.

I am super thankful to work for a company that allows (mostly) causal wear for work. I’m up front so I generally have to dress nicer, but with CoVid, the traffic through our building is much less. Meaning I have to still look decent.

This outfit worked out well. Face was made and hair was done, so I although I dressed down, I was still clean and approachable.

This Grey Utility Jacket is from Kohls. It comes in this Grey color as well as a Military Green. Grab it HERE. If you live near a Kohls, go check the clearance racks because ours (Rolla) had both colors in multiple sizes. Use code TREAT20 if ordering online for an extra 20% off (valid thru Nov 1, 2020).

The Mauve V-Neck tee is also from Kohls. It’s a medium and it’s a little bigger than I probably should’ve bought. But, it is nice for these comfy, dressed down outfits. See it HERE

These Skinnies are honestly my favorites right now! They are so unbelievably soft and comfy. Stretchy, but doesn’t become saggy and lose shape! See the different washes HERE

Simple Converse All Star sneakers to ensure I won’t be spraining/rolling my ankle anytime soon 😛 Looking for links for this post, I found these Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Knit Slip ons, and I think I may have to grab these to replace the ones I am wearing in the picture. I feel like they would make my clown feet look a little smaller!

What do you think? Do you have a job where you could get away with a comfy outfit like this? What are your go-to pieces for a relaxing day in the office?

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