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So Many Choices When It Comes To Working Out At Home

Yesterday’s Shoulder/Finishers/HIIT was goooood. I’d been slacking with my workouts last week, so round 1, phase 2, week 4 is a repeat this week.
➡️ Visit HERE to see the details of the 6 week challenge Im doing. The rest of the challenges can be found underthe CHALLENGES tab
I love having a plan to go to, where all my meals and workouts are already planned out for me. For me, that’s half the battle right there! On top of normal mom life & business owner, I don’t need more tasks. Sometimes, figuring out what to eat, how much of it, and what to do for a workout is overwhelming!

I’ve been doing all the @idealfit challenges over the last year and a half. Most of them are FREE, and come with a workout plan, meal plans , grocery lists, & and online community for support, encouragement, & motivation.
They’re are multiple workout options to choose from. So when you get bored or plateau with one, there’s another option to mix it up! And the best part is, is that most of them are legit, FREE!!
@trainerlindsey has 3 challenges:
15 day FREE #fitbodychallenge
6 Week #fbc
6 Week Sculpt
6 Week Fit Model Challenge
15 day FREE challenge
Nicole (@mommytrainer):
6 week Mommy Trainer challenge
15 day FREE Fit Mommy Challenge
**do not be fooled, this is not just for mamas! It’ll be challenging for anyone in the beginning and intermediate stage of their fitness journey!
NEW 15 day FREE Knockout Fitness challenge – my #MMA girls, this one for you!
15 day FREE Ready. Set. Run. challenge
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