Super Simple Workout At The Track Using the Bleachers

I wanted to make something easy, yet effective for my boot campers to use when we aren’t in session!


Here is another simple and quick work out for you all to enjoy! Yes, Jaryd hung out on my back til he decided the bleachers were actually fun!! 🙂


Step Ups with Butt Kicks & Run Down:
Step up on to the next step, and kick the opposite leg back. Hold and squeeze for just a second. You will feel this in your glutes.

Remember to keep proper form! Be sure you can see your toes over your knees each time you go down! Push through the heel when coming up! Back knee should be about 90* (or a little more), without your knee touching the ground.

Calf Raises:
Basic calf raises rolling up to the ball of your foot, and coming back down.

Low Step Ups & Run Down:
In a semi squatted position, step up onto the next step. No breaks in between the steps. Stay as low as you can.

Holding on to the edge of the bleachers with feet out as far as they can go, push yourself up and out, then bend your elbows to lower your body. Try for a 90* angle, and then straightening your arms to come back up.

Run x 3:
Try to get 3 rounds of runs in between several rounds of exercise. You can sprint up and jog down, or do both for speed.

Squat Jumps Up and Run Down:
Squatting as low and back as you can, spring up to the next step pushing through your heels. Be sure you can see your toes over your knees each time you go down!

Push Ups:
These can be done on the seats, stairs, or even just the floor of the bleachers. For this video, I chose to do a wide armed push ups (works the outer pectorals vs the close armed push ups with focuses on the inner pectorals and triceps) on the bleacher steps. Remember to keep your body in neutral alignment.

Run x 3:
Try these in a lower, semi squat like position. Try all 3 rounds for speed!