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    Homemade Chicken Teriyaki

    Homemade Chicken Teriyaki made specifically to fit my macros 😍trying to change things up a little! Not too shabby for a first go! • 👉🏼 Visit HERE to get more meal ideas like this and the recipe and macros for them! • • • • • • via Instagram http://ift.tt/2w6WvMs

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    Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage “Spaghetti”

    25p/11c/12f • Sweet Italian turkey sausage “spaghetti” • Recipe can be found on FB in the group “Food | Fitness | Fun” • This is my go to when my family has spaghetti or lasagna. I’m not a big fan of either. But this, and variations of this 👌🏼❤️ it was “one of those days,” so Jayson had left over honey lime chicken and roasted potatoes, and the kids were begging for canned ravioli lol • • Join us on Facebook HERE for recipes, meal prep tips, iifym, tracking tips, workouts and more Want to shop the latest. greatest fitness & health products? Join us HERE   

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    Fit Food Series | Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich

    I don’t know why I decided to add more work onto my list of chores, but I LOVE food!! And I love sharing food ideas! I hope to get at least a couple of these out a month! For today’s meal, I have a very simple and yummy Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich! You will need: 2 Pasture Raised Eggs 1 Slice of Ezekiel Bread 2 Slices of Turkey Bacon Fat Free Cheese(s) MarketSide Wholly Guacamole Walden Farms Mayo I choose not to put measurements down because most people following already have their own set of macros that they’re following. So, you’ll end up adding however much of each that will…

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