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    Apple Cashew Butter Rings

    Apple Rings post workout! 2p/23c/7f Plus my protein shake 21p/2c/2f • I am so in love with Bestys Best gourmet cashew butter! It’s so incredibly creamy, and not in dry chucks like other butters I’ve had. The cardamom and chia seeds add the perfect hint of spice and texture! • I personally haven’t heard of Cardamon, so I did some research. Cardamom is a spice that originated from India! It’s high in vitamins and macronutrients! It has many benefits, such as: * gastrointestinal protection * cholesterol control * control of cancer * relief from cardiovascular issues * improvement of blood circulation And so much more! • Go check out their other…

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    Buffalo Chicken Balls

    Can we just talk about how much I LOVE food 😍😍😉 – I made up some Buffalo Chicken Balls on basmati rice, and some roasted zucchini & red onions. YUM! 👅 – 31p/49c/12f – for the entire meal – Each ball was 6.2p/.5c/2.6f – Visit Food | Fitness | Fun for all the details – – via Instagram http://ift.tt/2uPBycY

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    Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

    Can we talk about love ❤️❤️ – Buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potato. Oh my goodness. Get in my mouth, now 🤤🤤 – 27p/31c/3f – I could eat this all day, every day. What would you eat if you could have it anytime, and as often as you wanted? – Find this and other macro friendly recipes in our FB group: Food | Fitness | Fun – Start by poking a few holes into your sweet potato, and wrap it in foil. Place it in your oven at 425*, for roughly 45 minutes, depending on your oven. While your potato is baking, cook your chicken. I like to sprinkle salt and…

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    Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage “Spaghetti”

    25p/11c/12f • Sweet Italian turkey sausage “spaghetti” • Recipe can be found on FB in the group “Food | Fitness | Fun” • This is my go to when my family has spaghetti or lasagna. I’m not a big fan of either. But this, and variations of this 👌🏼❤️ it was “one of those days,” so Jayson had left over honey lime chicken and roasted potatoes, and the kids were begging for canned ravioli lol • • Join us on Facebook HERE for recipes, meal prep tips, iifym, tracking tips, workouts and more Want to shop the latest. greatest fitness & health products? Join us HERE   

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