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    Easy Oven Baked Pollock & Air Fryer Veggies

    For the longest time, I always just ate Tilapia because it had great macros and was cheap! I prefer Salmon or Tuna, but my checkbook didnt like that I wanted to make it often. We live in the middle of nowhere Missouri. Many don’t agree with me on that, but, when you come from Kansas City to a town of now, 4,100, its the middle of nowhere. Stores here are limited. We have basic fast food like McDonald’s, Burger King & Subway. Luckily, a few mom and pop restaurants too! But we only have 1 grocery store. Meaning, there isn’t a whole lot of competition for them, so their prices…

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    Putting a Twist on Burgers & Fries

    Despite having a fridge full of grilled meats, and prepared veggies, potatoes & rice, I made this instead Double Burger: 453cal 44p/5c/28f 6oz 93/7 ground beef 1 slice Kraft Colby Jack 15g avocado 1 slice of a tomato 2 slices of Turkey Bacon (I prefer regular bacon, but my family won’t eat it because all I can find is super fatty bacon. We all will eat turkey bacon, though. Win some, lose some 🤷🏻‍♀️😂). Light Miracle Whip (doesn’t taste any different than regular, so why not save some cals?) Ketchup Pickle juice Sweet potato fries 🤤🤤 125g 108cals 2p/25c/0f Spray with EVOO spray, add whatever spices you like & pop…

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