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    Easy Oven Baked Pollock & Air Fryer Veggies

    For the longest time, I always just ate Tilapia because it had great macros and was cheap! I prefer Salmon or Tuna, but my checkbook didnt like that I wanted to make it often. We live in the middle of nowhere Missouri. Many don’t agree with me on that, but, when you come from Kansas City to a town of now, 4,100, its the middle of nowhere. Stores here are limited. We have basic fast food like McDonald’s, Burger King & Subway. Luckily, a few mom and pop restaurants too! But we only have 1 grocery store. Meaning, there isn’t a whole lot of competition for them, so their prices…

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    Putting a Twist on Burgers & Fries

    Despite having a fridge full of grilled meats, and prepared veggies, potatoes & rice, I made this instead Double Burger: 453cal 44p/5c/28f 6oz 93/7 ground beef 1 slice Kraft Colby Jack 15g avocado 1 slice of a tomato 2 slices of Turkey Bacon (I prefer regular bacon, but my family won’t eat it because all I can find is super fatty bacon. We all will eat turkey bacon, though. Win some, lose some 🤷🏻‍♀️😂). Light Miracle Whip (doesn’t taste any different than regular, so why not save some cals?) Ketchup Pickle juice Sweet potato fries 🤤🤤 125g 108cals 2p/25c/0f Spray with EVOO spray, add whatever spices you like & pop…

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    My Experience with Trainer Nicole’s 15 Day Mommy Fit Trainer Challenge

    Im so excited to now be able to offer you all some discount codes!!  There are 10-25% off codes listed at the end of this post! Trainer Nicole is the lead Trainer of the IdealRaw line – I used the IdealLean line while doing this challenge – just FYI 🙂 WARNING: This is a LONG post. I tried to make it as detailed as possible for those that are like me. Those that like to know as much as possible before diving in to something new! I’m not a writer. I do this for fun. There will be spelling and grammatical errors. Sorry ahead of time 🙂  If somehow your answers still…

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    Meal Prep – Sunday Jan 10 -16

    While I made lunch this afternoon, I went ahead and prepped my chicken. My 6 year old asked for healthy chicken nuggets. Most of the time, I just trim the fat off of a breast, dip them in egg whites, then in Italian panko crumbs. Lately, I’ve just been trimming the fat and cutting them up into chunks, then adding them to some heated EVOO, and then add pink salt and black ground pepper. It’s the easiest way to prep chicken, at least in my opinion. Easy to weigh and easy to add any dressings to to change the flavor each meal. This week, I’ve added some ground bison. It’s…

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    Easy Meal Prep – Chicken

    One of my favorite ways to prep chicken is to cook it plain, then add the flavors! Two breasts were about 2lbs of meat, which ends up a little less after being cooked. I like to slice them in half so that I end up with 4 thin breasts, then dice them from there. It cooks much faster that way!  With all the different preps I have done, I feel that this is one the simplest ways to cook chicken, and still have plenty of flavor options! Add your meat to the skillet and sprinkle on some Pink Salt and Ground Pepper. That’s it! If you add a sauce or marinade,…

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    Prepping Potatoes

    I said it in my Facebook post….this is an EASY one. So easy, you’ll probably ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” 😛 For those that don’t normally meal prep, but have found themselves interested and eager to learn, take note! Carbs are an essential part of your daily meal intake. Do not be fooled by people who say carbs are bad for you. I explain it all in my eBook “Live Live & Eat Clean”, so I won’t go into major details. Basically, there are good carbs, and there are bad carbs. Obviously, eat the good, ignore the bad. Thankfully, sweet potatoes fall under the “good carbs.” Aside…

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