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    Easy Oven Baked Pollock & Air Fryer Veggies

    For the longest time, I always just ate Tilapia because it had great macros and was cheap! I prefer Salmon or Tuna, but my checkbook didnt like that I wanted to make it often. We live in the middle of nowhere Missouri. Many don’t agree with me on that, but, when you come from Kansas City to a town of now, 4,100, its the middle of nowhere. Stores here are limited. We have basic fast food like McDonald’s, Burger King & Subway. Luckily, a few mom and pop restaurants too! But we only have 1 grocery store. Meaning, there isn’t a whole lot of competition for them, so their prices…

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    Chicken and Rice Bowl

    Such an easy, clean meal! AND there’s always plenty left over for one, if not two more meals! Meals ready to eat = perfection!! 1lb Lean Ground Chicken 2 Small Zucchini 1 Small Yellow Onion Brown Rice Garlic Powder Pink Salt Ground Pepper EVOO 1. Spray your cooking pan with nonstick spray and add your ground chicken. Sprinkle on some pink salt and pepper. 2. Make your brown rice mixture. I used 1C of brown rice and 1C of water. Follow the packaged directions. 3. Chop your veggies, and add them to 1T of heated EVOO. Sprinkle on pink salt, garlic powder, and ground pepper. 4. After each dish is…

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