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Trainer Lindsey’s 6 Week Fit Body Challenge – Week 3 Update

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And you’re back for week 3 🙂 Hello again!

I’m not going to lie, week 3 was a bit of a whirlwind for me. I had a bunch going on. We had to travel Thursday night for a band concert, then all day Friday for a track meet. Nothing like carrying a cooler around with your entire days worth of food to stay on track. Everyone else indulged in sporting even burgers and nachos. I did good 🙂

I had several appointments set to meet potential renters for our rental home, and have been busy on the phone with them, then figuring out paperwork. Also, I started a new group on Facebook called Eat. Lift. Shop.  It takes up more time that one might think! This is for men and women, all things food, health, and fitness related! There’s Athletic Apparel, Accessories like Flip Belts or Blue Tooth Headphones, Subscriptions, Fitness Equipment, and more. If you want to join, click HERE. Ive had my IdealFit Deals group for sales ONLY  for IdealLean products is still available to join and can be found HERE. I’ll be closing both of the groups to new members soon. Once too many people join, it gets a little crazy!

As I promised in Week 2’s Update, we’re going to look briefly into this world called Macros. I am going to use Flush Day 1 and Moderate Plan 6 because those are my favorites 🙂

First off, what are macros?? We aren’t going to get too technical here, but basically, macros are the essential macronutrients that your body needs. These are your Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates. Your body needs a specific amount of each of these to:

1) lose weight
2) maintain your current weight or
3) gain muscle

If at the end of this post, you would like to know more about Macros, like how to track them, what foods to eat to obtain them, how to calculate the specific number of each that your body specifically needs, and more, please consider purchasing Lindseys Ultimate Guide To Macros. It has all the information you could possibly need to start your journey with Macro Tracking. I’m not an expert by any means, but I’ve been tracking for quite some time now and can possibly answer any questions. Just comment below or find me on one of my social media accounts 🙂

Lets discuss Flush Days. The purpose of Flush Days is just what it sounds like. Its to flush or restart your system. Lindsey explains it in one of her emails as, “They help you cut down on water weight to get accurate weights and measurements, and they prime your body to burn fat like crazy. I like to call them “jump start days” because they truly do jump start your REAL weight loss, not just water weight!”

All my flush days had around the same macros. Above are the ingredients to the meals I consumed in with Flush Day 1. “But Diane, not all of the ingredients have measurements. How am I supposed to know how much to put in my meal?” Well friends, it wasn’t a typo. I deleted them because if i give you all the information, then why would you need to keep reading? Why sign up?? Right? 🙂 I wouldn’t brag about and spend the time talking about these challenges, the paid or the free ones, if I didnt truly believe in them. 🙂

When Lindsey created the 6 week Fit Body Challenge,  Sculpt, and the 15 day Free Challenge, I believed she planned out specific macros for each day. My macros are going to be different than what she had planned, and yours will be different that hers and mine. Why, you ask? Because, I will not use the exact brands she uses. For example, she suggests using a 60 cal tortilla. Guess what? Ive scoured all the stores in my little town, and have been unable to find a 60 cal tortilla. So, I use the best one I can find, which comes with about 20 more calories, which means my all or some of my Protein/Fats/Carbs are different as well.

One thing I see when people begin tracking macros is that they just copy other peoples numbers. Like I mentioned above, unless you are using the exact same brands, you will most likely get different numbers. It might be just slightly off, but for some, they could be way off! Now, really, unless your competing, I think youll be alright with slightly off numbers. I see some people freak out in the FB groups because their numbers are different. Different brands/ingredients is most likely the case. Or, well, maybe they just input the wrong info lol it can easily happen.

But, if you take a look and see my numbers with my FREE veggies, you’ll see how much you can change your plan on your own. 943 calories is ridiculously low. But I can tell you first hand, I am never hungry. Not on a flush day. Never on a moderate day. Some days, I’m still full when its time for the next meal, that I have to force myself to eat. That would be due to taking advantage of the FREEBIES! If you’re on my Snap Chat, you’ve seen the MOUNDS of food on my plate these last few weeks. I LOVE FOOD. Have we covered that yet?? LOL

“But Diane, you used butter. Butter is full of fat.” Well, ya. However, I used “I Cant Believe It’s Not Butter Spray,” which has 0 protein, 0 carbs, and 0 fats, meaning its adding 0 calories.

“Wait, you used Mayonnaise on your wrap? That’s so fattening!” No, it wasn’t. I used Walden Farms Amazin Mayo which also has 0 protein, 0 carbs, and 0 fats, meaning once again, I’m adding 0 calories.

So again, my little additions with the 0 cals do not alter Lindsey’s original plan. Look, its makes my food so much more yummy. If you don’t enjoy your food, why are you eating it, right?? 🙂

This is the macro count that’s posted in the files section of the 6 week group:
Flush day: 40g fat/40g carbs/145g protein – see how much it differs from mine?

Let me also explain one important thing. Macros = Calories. Calories = Macros. People say, “oh, I just track calories.” 500 calories worth of fast food is VERY different than 500 calories worth of Lean meats, potatoes, and veggies. Here’s the break down to help you understand:

1 gram of carbohydrates = 4 calories
1 gram of protein = 4 calories
1 gram of fat = 9 calories

So, using the flush day macros posted in the group (not my personal ones here):
40 g of fat is 40g x 9calories = 360 calories
4og of carbs is 40g x 4calories = 160 calories
145 g of protein is 145g x 4 calories = 580 calories
making it a total of 1100 calories

Did I just confuse you guys more? Or did the breakdown help you understand macros and your nutrition labels a little better?

Moderate Day 6 is above. Can I just eat sweet potatoes all day, everyday, for the rest of my life? 😛 You can see here that the macros and calories are higher here. Especially with the carbohydrates.  This follows a system called carb cycling.  The only people I have personally seen that use the carb cycling method are people who are in competition prep, or sometimes, I’ll see trainers put their clients on it to work them out of a plateau. Otherwise, I dont see it often. Trainer Lindsey links THIS SITE on her 6 Week Challenge blog post to help explain carb cycling.

Again, by just adding a small amount of vegetables to each meal, I was able to add 150ish calories to my day. If I would put more effort into my mornings, I would also have a full plate of veggie scramble with my post workout meal. But that means getting up earlier, and well, sleep is a sacred thing in this house right now. My 2 year old hates me. I swear.

Here is the macro count thats posted in the 6 week group:
Moderate day: 35g fat/110g carbs/125g protein

So, let’s see. We’ve covered the basics of what macros are, the difference between calories and macros, and what some of the macros for a flush day and a moderate day look like. We established why my numbers are off from Lindseys, and why yours most likely will be too. Am I missing anything? Is there anything else on the basic end that I can help you with? Everything I know about macros is just through research. Im not certified or licensed in sports nutrition (although, I am looking into getting certified in the future!). If you are a beginner, and youre frustrated with reading so many different books or websites, and finding contradicting information, I HIGHLY recommend getting Lindeseys Macro Guide. Even though I feel that I have a good understanding how what macros are, why we track macros vs just calories, and have been able to figure out my own macros, I purchased her book when it first came out. I have read through it. I am not just suggesting it just to suggest it. It is good information. Its all in one place. Its easy to understand. I promise 🙂

Let’s talk weight, Aunt Flo, and Cheat Meals. Here is my weight fluctuations for week 3

Blue is for when that lovely time of the month started. Red is again, the day after a cheat meal. Both higher than the previous day. 3 weeks now of looking at my weight and I hope it shows you what I was wanting people to see. How weight changes, whether youre eating according to plan, working out enough, or eating off plan, hormones, etc. The scale does not justify your success. It is not the best tool for measuring your accomplishments! Take progress pictures. Take measurements. Have you noticed more energy or if your clothes are fitting better? Or heck, maybe even getting too loose?? These are the ways to measure your progress. FORGET THE SCALE! 🙂

As week 3 has ended, I only have a couple pictures from this past week 🙂 Sorry, I slacked on the pics. But if youre on my Snap Chat or IG (both under DianeMichiko), you saw some workouts and more meals! I have NO IDEA how to center or resize the embedded IG pic. Sorry!!

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If you’re coming in the middle of this 6 week challenge, you can find Week 1 HERE and Week 2 HERE

I am still using the same supplements as the weeks past. A full list of what I’m taking (and what I think about them) can be found HEREYou can 100% do this challenge without any supplements. Do not feel like in order to succeed, you need to hand over your wallet. When I first did Lindsey’s Free 15 Day FBC, I used old, crappy protein from walmart. Nothing else. You can do this.

Did I miss anything? Is there anything else I shouldve included!? Anything you want me to mention for Week 4?

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